Six years of Green Saviours

It’s been a little over 6 years since we commenced work as the Green Saviours team. It all started with a simple idea that planting trees is good for the planet. Since inception, we have continued unabated for 322 consecutive Sundays and have planted over 50,000 trees including 15 mini forests using the Miyawaki Method or a variant of the same.

As we look back to claim some achievements for ourselves, the one thing that stands out is the consistency of work. People from all walks of life who are part of our team and hundreds of volunteers from various educational institutions in Belagavi have been a part of this wonderful journey. What makes the commitment even more special is the sacrifices of nearly 50 team members who have worked in Sundays, forgoing their family time.

As we gear up for scaling up the work ahead and undertake work to restore the Western Ghats by planting native species in collaboration with the villagers and the Department of Forestry, the task gets more challenging given the multiple variables that come into play. But the work that we have done over the years and the learning will ensure that we make the significant difference that we promised to make for ourselves and humanity at large.

Here’s to a Greener planet and a better future for the generations ahead!!

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3 thoughts on “Six years of Green Saviours

  1. It is indeed a remarkable journey for the betterment of own and future generations as well as for the planet. Kudos to all the dedicated team of Green Saviours and wishing you all many more achievements in the coming years ….


  2. As a Team…we cannot forget..the maximum and Goliath efforts that Sameer Majali has been putting consistently..from Day One …

    Request..all of those…who read this…come
    .be a part..enjoy..create…and leave a GREEN mark after you go from this earth..


  3. Amazing dedication by Sameer! 🙏🙏He has not only inspired us but also educated us on the need to re- green our planet, planting techniques, innovative ideas, soil conservation and other methods . A great motivator with super energy, which gives us Green Saviours and first time volunteers the impetus to keep going without a break. Proud to be a ” Green Saviour. 👍👍🌳🌴🌵🪴🍀🌲🌱🌿🍃☘️


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