Necessity- the Mother of Invention

Climatic adversity seems fine as long as it is distant from home. There is a feeling of lament and pity for those that are affected but it never really does manage to translate into a wake up call. It is only then, when trouble comes knocking the door that one concocts thoughts that are laced with the possibility of translating into action.The year 2015 was a testing time for the city of Belagavi. The rains failed, something that hadn’t happened in what seems like ages. The city best known for its decent rainfall and predictably pleasant weather found less favour with the elements of nature. It just refused to rain. Climate change had come knocking at the door. The water supplies dwindled over the year and March 2016 saw a situation when water tankers seemed the only solution. The demand set the equations of price and the cost of water provisions touched never seen highs.Conservation of water and it’s miserly usage seemed to be the only way out. The most dreaded thought was, ” What if Mother Nature decides to take a holiday for another year?”. Was the city doomed.On one hot summer morning, a sudden barrage of thoughts came to mind. Why is it so? What has changed? How can we make it rain again? Can we do something to change the mind of Mother Nature?Prospecting for sanity amongst pessimistic dominance, one clear childhood lesson, echoed in the ears. The answer seemed obvious. The anger of the rain gods was probably due to the destruction of forests in the vicinity. It was time to take that one tiny step which, maybe, over a span of a decade, would force Mother Nature to reconsider. It was time to plant trees. After all, trees contribute to rainfall, don’t they?With this thought in mind, a word was put out in the expanses of the social media. It was time to seek the like minded and to invite them into joining hands towards a cause which, maybe, one day, would alter the landscape and consequently the fortunes of the region.Responses gradually crept in and on 3rd April 2016, the seeds of optimism were sown. The first meeting of the Green Saviours team happened in Nath Pai Garden at Tilakwadi, Belagavi.

First Meeting on 3rd April 2016

Necessity has always been the mother of invention and thus was it again. The scarce rains of 2015 had brought together some friends and strangers to undertake a mission that would go on to become an indulgence for some and a purpose for others who chose to go beyond deeds of conventional define.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

The third rock from the sun is not just a place we inhabit but a habitat where we coexist with millions of other species. It is not a planet that we own but certainly the one that we are responsible for.

Green Saviours is a platform to channelize human thought, energy and effort to ensure that we do not take our existence for granted.

Dedicating this humble effort to the future of this planet.

This is a tale of humans who chose to go beyond routine in a quest to undo the damages that we have inflicted since we assumed the mantle of being Homo Sapiens.